Lulworth Heritage Centre

The Heritage Centre at Lulworth Cove is open every day with free admission.

The Centre is dominated by the exhibitions which are constantly being reviewed and updated. The rock display is the main feature leading you through millions of years of the Earths history, which is found at Lulworth, using informative boards and displays. One of the most popular features is the video of the sea showing you what a storm can be like at Lulworth, from which you can begin to understand the contribution the sea has made to the erosion of the coast, which in turn, has lead to the spectacular visible displays of our nations geology.

The Lulworth Rangers are based at the Heritage Centre to maintain the footpaths, manage our ecology project and organise educational tours for school children, students and the public.

The Heritage Centre at Lulworth Cove is free to all and includes various informative exhibitions and displays showing the history of Lulworth from its famous geology to wildlife and some local history.

The Heritage Centre and its shop, selling quality souvenirs are open daily from 10am to 5pm in summer and 10am and 4pm in winter. Please check opening times prior to your visit. 01929 400587

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